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The Premier Digital Publishing Platform

Sell Content Subscriptions

Anvil’s subscriber tools allow you to accept secure, recurring, and automated payments from your readers through Stripe, PayPal, or any secure payment gateway. You decide which content is free (if any) and which content is open only to subscribers. Build your audience. Build your revenue.

Digital Issue Archives

Anvil’s automated digital issue archives beautifully display your past issues. With rich cover images, in-issue navigation, and powerful search features—nothing you’ve ever published is hidden from readers, search engines, or social networks. Old content stays fresh with Anvil’s archive tool.

Gift Certificates

Anvil makes selling content easy. Gift certificates are a great way for your audience to share the gift of your content with their friends and family. Or, give away gift certificates as prizes in your promotional efforts. It’s a great no-risk way of building your audience.

Bulk Import Subscribers

Moving from another platform or system? Anvil allows you quickly and easily to bulk import subscribers to your publication from a CSV file. Upload. Import. Done.

Multiple-Level Subscriptions

Anvil allows you to give your readers different subscription options by creating an unlimited number of subscriber levels. Want to sell basic and premium subscriptions? Anvil makes it possible. You define the levels.

MailChimp Integration

Integrate Anvil with MailChimp’s amazing email marketing platform and new subscribers to your publication will automatically be added to specific MailChimp lists in your account—as determined by the sorting rules you set.

Digital Issue Publishing

Join the thousands of other publishers using our digital issue publishing tools. Create articles, bundle them into issues, publish them all—beautifully—with one click. Whether you’re publishing weekly, monthly, or just the occasional special issue, Anvil’s tools make periodic publishing quick and easy.

LiveMarket Ad Platform

LiveMarket is a new and powerful way for publishers to sell advertising. By selling limited site access to community-based or topic-appropriate advertisers, publishers can offer their readers highly-relevant, targeted advertising while profiting from a low-maintenance and recurring payment model.

AdDropper Ad Manager

Anvil’s AdDropper tool makes the selling, management, and placement of advertising in your publication easy—on your site and in your mobile apps. Simply create an ad, choose its location, and drop it in. AdDropper gives you the freedom to experiment with placement for either highest conversions or lowest reader interference.

Coupon Codes

Want to offer discounts for your subscription? Anvil lets you create unlimited digital coupon codes. Assign them to individual subscription levels and more. These are handy tools for your promotions.

Anvil Reporting Tool

We love data. That’s why Anvil comes with a robust subscriber reporting tool. Filter and download the subscriber info you need. Open a downloaded CSV file in Excel or other spreadsheet program to analyze your subscriptions.

Restricted File Access

Upsell subscriptions to your publication using digital downloads. Obfuscate any link to any file in your media library. Downloading restricted files require users to have a valid subscription to your publication.

One Dashboard

Anvil is managed entirely through your WordPress dashboard. All your publication’s content, mobile apps, advertisers, subscribers, payments, and everything else are all managed in just one place. Anvil makes managing your digital publication easier than ever.

Metered Content Paywall

Anvil’s “leaky” metered paywall allows you to limit the number of free articles each unsubscribed reader can view—through the web or through your publication’s mobile app. This leaves your content accessible for search engines and social sharing, while encouraging repeat readers to become loyal subscribers.

Premium Archive Subscriptions

In Anvil, your content archives are beautiful, searchable, organized, and highly-valuable. And, the more you publish, the more valuable they become. Anvil gives you the option of selling access to your publication’s archives—giving readers and web searchers a compelling reason to become subscribers.

MailPoet Integration

Anvil integrates with MailPoet’s email marketing platform to allow you to select which MailPoet list to which you would like to add new subscribers. Once set up, the list maintenance is fully-automated.

IP Exceptions

By allowing publishers to exempt ranges of IP addresses from any defined subscription plans, publisher can open up their content to specific groups of readers coming from those IP addresses. Great for bulk subscriptions.

Article Countdown Nag

Anvil’s metered paywall allows you to politely remind free readers that your publication is supported by subscribers. Anvil will let your readers know how many more free articles they can read before they need to subscribe. You set the number.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Built on WordPress

WordPress is the #1 content management system in the world. It securely and ably powers more than one quarter of all the web sites on the internet. When choosing a platform for Anvil, we wanted a system that was proven, flexible, secure, well-known to many publishers, and had a healthy ecosystem of developers and plugins. We wanted to give publishers the strongest and most flexible platform possible. This made WordPress the obvious choice for Anvil’s core.

The Amazon Cloud

Each publication is hosted on a dedicated Amazon EC2 t2.medium server, complete with two “burstable” High-Frequency Intel Xeon Processors with Turbo up to 3.3GHz and 4GB of RAM. This set up means that upon launch, your site is ready-to-rock on a powerful state-of-the-art server in one of the world’s best data centers. And, as your audience grows, we can scale up your server to keep up with demand with the click of a button—no laborious and costly server migrations. Our Anvil team will make sure your site has everything it needs, when it needs it.

Content Delivery Network

Your Anvil publication is automatically loaded onto, and delivered to your readers from, a high-speed content delivery network. This ensures that whether your readers are in your town or on the other side of the planet—on their computers or on their mobile devices—your publication’s content is delivered to them quickly and reliably from a high-speed server in their area. Publications hosted on the Anvil platform are global, instantly.

Fully-Managed Hosting

We take hosting seriously. So, seriously, in fact that we do it ourselves. We’re so dedicated to ensuring smooth operation of your site that we take care of all the tech your site needs. We do server set up, configuration, and deployment. Once your site is up and running, we handle all software updates, security updates, 24/7 downtime monitoring, security monitoring, bug fixes, and site backups. You and your publication are in good hands. Get all the details.

Outstanding Support

Our Team is Ready to Help

Publishers sign up for Anvil’s tools, but recommend us for our support team. The Anvil crew is made up of a dedicated team of publishers, web programmers, small business experts, and designers. We are proud of the platform we’ve built and we’re excited for how it works to help publishers grow stronger every day. We’re committed to providing top-quality, real-live human support to all of our Anvil customers. We love Anvil. We love publishing. We love helping people. And we love waffles. We’d be happy to talk with you about all of these things.