Let’s take a look at how the setup process works:

    1. Sign up and payment: Completed.
    2. Form fills: Below you will see a list of forms we need filled out to get your publication set up. This will give us the items we need for the site. Note you can Save as Draft. When you are ready, Submit the info to us
    3. Once we receive your final form submissions we will schedule a call to go over your build and answer any questions. This will ensure we both know what to expect for the launch of your new digital publication
    4. We will set up your staging site for you to keep an eye on progress
    5. Once we receive all your form info we will be able to build your site (and apps) quickly
    6. We build your publication. As we construct your site you can keep an eye on
    7. If you have any questions simply email anvil@zeen101.com

Here are the forms to fill out. Keep in mind you can save your work as you go by simply clicking the Save as Draft button. When you are ready, click Submit.

If we are building your apps please start setting up your Apple developer account 1st as it takes the longest to complete (Getting your App Setup in the iTunes App Storeboxes).

      1. Setting up your apps (Anvil Enterprise)
      2. Credentials to give us access
      3. Leaky Paywall metered paywall setup (Anvil Pro or higher)
      4. IssueM setup for issue publishing
      5. Design & Configuration decisions for your publication